The Verb

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The universe is not a noun! It is a verb! The universe is not an object that you can clearly define, it is a process, permanent moving, transforming itself from a moment to another. And here I am not referring only to the macroscopic universe, but also to the microscopic one, which forms the human being.

So everything from the galactic scale to the quantum scale is in motion, in a continuous process of transformation. And as we know from grammar, assuming of any language, processes and movement are defined by verbs. So the verb is the most important word because the verb defines the creation and life.

So, you and me as human beings in permanent motion should not be characterized by nouns, objects, places, accumulations, such as I am an engineer, I am a doctor, I am Romanian, I am English, I have a car, I have a home, but by verbs, like: I think, I act, I dare, I breathe, I feel, I build, I love, I create! This is actually the essence of the Being: a verb – I am.

Nothing is more reassuring, nothing is more comprehensive, nothing is out of it, nothing is to be added to I am. I am is everything!

But I am is a state almost impossible to understand mentally. To understand this state, you must live it! Then any explanation is superfluous, the understanding being a consequence of living.

What is the simplest thing to do?
To be!
The problem is, it is avoided by almost everyone.

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