Taming The Mind

9. June. 2019 Text by Diana, Foto: stock.adobe

A human mind is a wonderful tool, it is the crowning of millions and millions of years of evolution. But could it have been so many years of evolution that turned it into a shrew? Why a Shrew? Because it tends to turn its owner into a slave. It catches him into a net, and it does not let him go very easily. It is a very perverse part of us, it has its own agenda and tries to subjugate everything: body, intuition, judgment. From the moment it succeeds it, the intuition is annihilated, the body ignored, and the intelligence becomes the dog of the mind.

Now I must also say that the mind is composed in principle of two parts: the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the one who thinks logically, calculates, makes decisions and judgements. The subconscious mind coordinates the processes that take place inside the body and also all the automatisms, habits, and what has been impregnated or learned in our childhood. The most surprising is that by analogy with an iceberg, the conscious mind is only the tip of an iceberg, while the subconscious mind is the rest of the iceberg which rests under the waters and makes about 95% of its volume. So, if the conscious mind is not strong enough, determined and focused, the subconscious takes the lead and, as I said, transforms the conscious mind and its owner into slaves.

This is because the conscious mind is functioning mostly based on information received from the outside but interpreted according to stored programs the subconscious. So often, there is a contradiction between what you think you want to do and what you get to do actually.

It surely happened that you wanted to change something in your life and although you were very determined, you ended up perpetuating what you just wanted to change: for example an inappropriate relationship or a job you don’t like. You continue to do what you have done before your mind (subconscious) are looking for the comfort and safety of the known.

The mind, otherwise without your will, spends a long time in the past remembering things and situations, producing regrets or even suffering, or in the future, in a time that still does not exist, making plans and enjoying what it will happen. The past is gone! The future not yet exist. But the mind like to roam in a time that does not exist avoiding this moment. In reality, you are living now, at this moment, and nothing that you are doing or thinking is happening sometime, but just now, in this very moment.

This shouldn’t be really a problem that you think about the past or the future. By not remembering the past, we would not be able to learn from previous experiences and mistakes. Without imagining the future, we would not be able to create anything. The problem comes from the fact that we do this almost unconsciously, it’s like a kind of impulse, you do not even realize how your thoughts fly here or there! You may remember situations where you were busy doing something, while you were thinking about something else; how it will be on vacation or what you have to do tomorrow. Ideally, mind, thoughts and action should be unified, devoted to your activity at that time. But this happens only sporadically and for a short time, so events, situations, people or even the chance of your life pass by without you noticing them.

Your mind carries you also in a continuous saraband of fulfilling your desires. One is not yet fulfilled as another is already rising. A one probably more challenging to accomplish, and you will go over your head to fulfil it. But in the end the happiness you expect is not coming … because happiness cannot be accomplished with things from outside,  happiness is inside you, you only have to acknowledge it.

The mind is like a wild horse, and a wild horse is balky, if you do not tame it, you can not use it. Since childhood, we should have learned to mould and shape our minds. But for most of us, this has not happened, and we are still struggling to fight like Don Quixote with windmills.

It is even possible to transform your mind into a benevolent partner who works for you and not against you, that really helps you to discover yourself as a human and a whole light-energy being? Yes, it is possible, and the paths are many. And for each of us, another way can work. That’s why you have to find your own path! I found mine through meditation and hypnosis/self – hypnosis. Meditation helps me to connect with the source of creation and infinite possibilities, to increase my focus and concentration power and with the help of hypnosis I could discover new facets of my own being, reach the realm of the subconscious and even work with it.

About meditation, hypnosis, and my direct experiences with them, I intend to tell you soon more on my blog. 

If you are interested in the subject, stay connected!

(Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invivenies Occultum Lapidem)

Wonders beyond the walls,
Whispers and dreams …
And frustrations
Are wearing in the world the saraband.

Vague memories,
Wink images
Transcend and break through
From a world
That’s here and yet nowhere.

I run, I fly into the void,
looking for a great, eternal happiness
Not knowing and not understanding
That the rough diamond is struggling
From deep inner darkness

To come into the Light!

Munich, 2009

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