The Beginnings …

20. January 2019, Photo & Text – original by Diana

It was late in the night, I put my head on the pillow and turned off the bedside lamp preparing me for sleeping. A few moments later I was writing frantically in my notebook, being hit by a sudden wave of inspiration!

About me, I can say I am a diurnal creature. During the day I am active, feeling full of energy and boosted. The night instead, is for me the time of reverie, tranquillity and sleeping, abandoning myself on the wings of dreams. But it is also in the night when I am getting overwhelmed by inspiration. Many times, actually almost all the time, I let the inspiration go by and ignored it. Inspiration is just a glimpse, you have to be quick and record it right at that moment; otherwise it just evaporates in nothingness.

Now, it was somehow different, I didn’t want to let it dissipate again, and I snatched it, right at that moment! I just took action accordingly … by writing down what came to me at that moment.

Night and inspiration …
A lot of the creative processes happen at night time. Why would that be? Creativity and inspiration along with the night belong to the feminine principle of the universe (Yin) which is: the negative charge, darkness, coolness, right side of the brain, moon, water, tranquillity, regeneration, rest, sleep, dream, intuition, phantasy, and much more. Actually, half of the universe is feminine! (I will cover this subject in a separate post).

So, why it is now that I am bringing this blog to life? Well, I always wanted to write, and I even did it, but shy and reserved, keeping it all just for me, never dare to go further. In November last year, I felt I have to change something about myself. It took me six weeks of introspection, meditation and exercise. By the new year’s eve, it has become clear for me that without involving my creative capabilities, nothing of what I am doing; my work, job or anything else, will ever satisfy me. That being so, arose in my mind the thought of creating a blog, as a platform for communication and publishing. Knowing nothing about blogging, three weeks later I am publishing my first post!

Now I am finding it hilarious, but when it first came to me the idea of creating this blog, I thought it would be more appealing if I begin my first post with: “this blog will be not about me, but rather about you, my readers and my friends …”. What a pity lie would that have been! Because this blog is only about me and about myself! It is about my thoughts, my dreams, my experiences and the way I see this life!

What you read here could be a source of inspiration for you, maybe would help you in certain situations or merely be a moment of relaxation. I would be certainly happy with that! But this would be only a collateral effect.
You may also like what you read here, or maybe not.
A writer is indeed satisfied when his work is appreciated by his readers, yet for me is this not the goal. (For that I have something else in the plan). Just read, if you like it, you will come back, if not … the offer on the internet is so big and diverse that I’m sure you will find something for you to like!

I used to live hiding behind thick walls that I’ve built around myself over the years. I was protecting myself from people and things I’ve thought they would hurt me, always stepping aside, never being brave enough to step forward to make myself heard, preferring to keep me comfortable and safe!
Now is time for me to get out from my protective shell, to free myself and to share my treasure: knowledge, experience, feelings and thoughts. It is the first step!

From now on, I am determined to act utterly different than I used to, I know it won’t be easy, but I will enjoy it for sure. I take this challenge with joy and overwhelming enthusiasm

I have a long journey ahead, and if you decide to be a companion for me on this journey, I will decidedly be pleased!

Creativity flourishes when we are allowed to express our uniqueness for the JOY of it. No competition, just the delight of CREATING.

Gordana Biernat

I didn’t still unveil you what I was writing about so frantically that night! “Looking inside or who am I?” will come out next week.

Have a wonderful life and stay safe!

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