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Indeed, I am a new coach. I have to recognise I still have to learn and practise to become that brilliant coach I aspire to. And my first firmly steps are already made. I can feel my clients and truly SEE them. I am curious, but not for me, merely for them. I do not question them to find more or to find flows in their lives. No. They are thinkers free to share those things that could help them explore situations and thoughts for getting more understanding and awareness. I am there for the thinker to keep the space safe and build trust, to be comfortable exploring those things they have been hiding most. I know I have all the necessary ingredients to build my brilliantness. (Read more)

That Alien Voice …

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It was very curious yesterday. I took a walk around to reflect on something that popped up in my mind. I have three recordings of my coaching hours to hear, and I wasn’t capable of that. I’ve tried to play them, and after a few seconds, I paused and closed the files. Awful! (Read More)

Let Your Heart Always Be Your Compass

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One of the primary values in my life is openness and, consequently, being authentic. I worked a lot on it, trying to discover what holds me back from being open and expose myself. What is that that is not allowing me to show my vulnerable side? I always thought I have to be tough and strong, not giving people reasons to judge or criticise me. Keeping an impenetrable aura. But lately, I learned so much about myself, that I discovered a new me, which I even didn’t know exists. (Read More)

Silence Inside

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As above, so below. As in heaven, so on earth. Like outside, so inside. It is an old hermetic principle that I discussed separately in another post.

What I want to tell you today is related to the upcoming Christmas holiday.
As I have said already, I reiterate today: To focus all the symbolism of Christmas on one single day of the year seems too superficial to me. For many, Christmas is a exterior holiday. … (Read more)


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Photo Credit: almighty internet

I’m a supernova.
A neutron star.
Pulsing, my aura of light travels through the Universe
from one end to another.
Here I am,
Since everything I am,
and everything is me.
I knew the nothingness and annihilation.
I burned.
I burned my helplessness and my frustration.
I burned the emptiness.
I burned all things.
I melted down and blasted
solely to be reborn.
A quintessence, a neutron star.

I will entirely disappear someday
to only leave behind the seeds of life.

Sunt o supernova.
O stea neutronica.
Lumina aurei mele, pulsand,
strabate universul
de la un capat la altul.
Sunt aici, invincibila.
Pentru ca eu sunt totul
si eu cuprind totul.
Am cunoscut si nimicul
si anihilarea.
Am ars.
Mi-am ars neputinta si frustrarea.
Am ars nimicul, am ars totul.
M-am topit si am explodat
ca sa renasc.
O fiinta noua,
o stea neutronica.

Candva, voi disparea de tot
dar voi lasa in urma-mi
samanta vietii.

Munich, 2020

A Show?

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For a moment, it was like a glitch. What the heck? Is this a show?

What show?
Truman’s show …
Who’s Truman?
Ups! I think we are …
Well, now comes the panic. What do we do?
Run for the Exit.
Is such a thing as an exit?
It should …
And where it is?
I don’t know! Let’s go and find it.
Wait! Is it safe?
Hmm, I don’t think so!
Then isn’t it wiser to stay in?
Safer, maybe, wiser is not.
Is it at least a good show?
Not for us, though.
So then you stay or go?
I definitely go.

Well, we are so manipulated that we don’t even live our lives, we live by a script, a program kept alive by those around us.
It is a choice to follow the script or to create our own script.
So, this is the question: Would we do it or not?
Or better said: “To BE or not to BE?”

Pentru o clipă, a fost o eroare in sistem. Ce naiba? E doar un show?

Ce show?
Show-ul lui Truman …
Cine este Truman?
Ups! Cred că noi suntem Truman …
Ei bine, acum putem panica. Ce ne facem?
Aleargăm spre ieșire.
Exista o ieșire?
Ar trebui …
Și unde este?
Nu știu! Să mergem și să o găsim.
Așteapta! Vom fi in siguranta?
Hmm, nu cred!
Atunci nu este mai înțelept să rămânem aici?
Mai sigur poate, înțelept, nu cred.
E cel puțin un show bun?
O fi, dar nu pentru noi.
Deci vii sa cautam iesirea sau rămâi?Eu plec cu siguranță.

Ei bine, suntem atât de manipulați încât nici măcar nu ne trăim viața, trăim după un scenariu, un program păstrat în viață de cei din jurul nostru.
Este alegerea noastră să ne scriem propriul scenariu.
Intrebarea este: O vom face sau nu?
Sau vorba lui Hamlet:
„A FI sau a NU FI?”

The Message

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I remembered a story I once received from a dear friend, and which I, in turn passed on to another dear friend. This story I would share with you today. I don’t know how much you will like it or not, but I consider that it contains a great truth, which if we recognise it, our life becomes more comfortable.

There was once a king who ruled over a powerful and vast kingdom. One day he called his wise men from the court and said to them: “I want to make a talisman ring, and in this ring, I want to hide a message that can help me in a moment of overwhelming despair. However, the message must be concise so that it can be hidden in the ring” (Read more).


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It was an afternoon like all others. That day instead, the gloomy weather gave up to the bright sun. The spring came at last. After a long winter, the frozen souls and bodies would eventually revive, returning to life. Yet, what for a living would this be? Torment and fear day by day. Since being alive in the early spring of ’45 was nothing but suffering. There were rumours too; the war will be soon over. (Read more)



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Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash


It is the beginning of a new year. Everyone is talking about happiness, joy, health. But for how many of these are just empty words, how many people are not feeling alone in the crowd, how really happy they are, how healthy, how much they do not suffer?

So today I would like to talk about suffering and how you can heal it. Perhaps the new year will give you the impetus, to through ABURA (the steps to surpass Suffering: Acceptance, Burning, Understanding, Rebirth and Action), to discover a new path in which suffering as you understand it today disappears from the palette of your feelings and emotions. (Read more)

The Seventh Hermetic Principle

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The Principle of Gender: “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles Gender; manifests on all planes.” – The Kybalion.

The Gender Principle embodies the truth that there is Gender manifested in everything – it is always present and active in all phases of phenomena, on every plane of life.

It applies not only in the physical plane but also in the mental and spiritual planes. Principle manifests as Sex on the physical plane. On energy and mental planes it takes higher forms, but the Principle is always the same. No creation, nor physical, neither mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. (Read more)

The Sixth Hermetic Principle

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Photo by Michele Bergami on Unsplash


Principle of Cause and Effect:
“Every cause has an effect; any effect has a cause; everything is produced according to this Law. Chance is only a name for this unrecognized Law; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” – The Kybalion.

“Everything happens according to the Law.” Nothing is accidental. Nothing is chance or fate. Everything is a consequence of specific actions or phenomena, even if at first sight this causality is hidden. Luck and misfortune are terms that indicate an existing cause, but unrecognised or not perceived. (Read more)

The Fifth Hermetic Principle

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


The Principle of Rhythm: “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the swing of the pendulum manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” — The Kybalion.

This Principle is a continuation of the Principle of Polarity. The rhythm emerges from a circular, pendular or sinusoidal movement between the two poles established by the Principle of Polarity. This movement is always performed first to one pole and then to the other, repeating itself countless times, but rarely reaching the limits, the poles. (Read more)

The Fourth Hermetic Principle

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Principle of Polarity: “Everything is Dual; everything has polarity; everything has a pair of oppositions; extremes are identical in nature, but different in degree; in duality truths are only half-truths; paradoxes can be reconciled.”

This Principle is nothing new. We all know, we live in a dual world. A world where all things and conditions have a resting point, an equilibrium, and beyond this point begins a road leading to the two poles. (Read more)

The Third Hermetic Principle

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Source: TopWall


Principle of Vibration – “Nothing is at rest; everything is moving; everything is vibrating.”

This principle states: different manifestations of matter, energy, mind, and even Spirit, result mainly from different modes of particles vibration. From “The All”, which is pure Spirit, to the densest form of matter, everything is vibration – the higher the vibration (vibration frequency), the subtle the matter. (Read more)


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Or the seven hermetic principles

Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great or “scribe of the gods” is said to have lived in the early days of ancient Egypt. Whether it really was or is only a legend is unknown. From him, however, start the great occult teachings, also called hermetic. (Read more)


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You may have noticed when paying attention to your reactions or behaviour, that in various circumstances, you are wearing a mask. And there is nothing unnatural to this.

Each of us has developed over time and under the influence of the environment (family, friends, school, society, media) different behaviours and personalities. By adjusting our behaviour depending on the circumstance, we enable ourself to deal better with various situations. (Read more)


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Now I was again in front of a threshold. There was no question whether I wanted to pass it or not. For that, I was there. I was curious, and I wanted to find out what was behind that door. A massive metal door embedded in concrete walls. Would I find there the library I have imagined? That old library, full of papyri, books old and new, full of dust and lit only by some faint reading lamps? A lock closes the door. But it didn’t seem to need a key to open it. I entered. (Read more)

The Day of a Cat

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It is evening, and a cool breeze blows, which causes me goosebumps. I sit on the steps in front of my house, looking to the sky, which slowly covers with clouds. A storm is forecasted.

It’s so quiet tonight, actually every night. Every now and then a car passes on the street. I live in town. And yet it is so peaceful. In this quietness, I meditate on the meaning of life, its joys and struggle, its complexity and simplicity. (Read more)

The Power of Unuttered Words

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I closed my eyes, brought my hands together in front of my chest and started: “Our Father … give us, … forgive us, … lead us …, deliver us …”. I continued like this asking for things to happen, with the hope that someone outside of me will accomplish these demands, one way or the another.

Suddenly, the words I was continually repeating in my mind began to get shape and colour, and at some point, they got a reddish glow that becomes stronger and stronger. Eventually, the words themselves lit up with a flaming fire burning my eyes: give me …, help me…, forgive me …. For the first time, I have realised what I was saying. (Read more)

Glimpses of Thoughts



“Know thyself, and you will know the whole universe!”

inscription on the frontispiece of the temple of Delphi

I am pretty sure I have told you already, I exercise meditating every day or, better saying, every night. I don’t have a rule for meditating. Usually, I choose how I meditate depending on the feelings of the moment. Sometimes it goes traditionally, by concentrating the attention on breathing and trying to consider the thoughts like birds flying on the sky of the mind, so let them come, observe and let them go. Other times I like focusing on the sensations or on specific areas of the body, such as hands, belly, head. Sometimes it comes to visualisations or inner journeys. (Read more)

The Elder And The Elderflower

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Even now I remember my childhood days when by the end of May the elderflower was blooming. I could hardly wait to escape from home and to reach the railway at the edge of my village and pick up the craved blooming flowers. I smelled love in every each umbel while I’ve plucked it with deference. The delicate fragrance tickled my nostrils and, in my mouth, I already felt the aroma and prickles of the future elderflower juice. Ah, but for the real feeling, I still had to wait for days! (Read more)

Taming The Mind

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A human mind is a wonderful tool, it is the crowning of millions and millions of years of evolution. But could it have been so many years of evolution that turned it into a shrew? Why a Shrew? Because it tends to turn its owner into a slave. It catches him into a net, and it does not let him go very easily. It is a very perverse part of us, it has its own agenda and tries to subjugate everything: body, intuition, judgment. From the moment it succeeds it, the intuition is annihilated, the body ignored, and the intelligence becomes the dog of the mind. (Read more)

The Verb

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The universe is not a noun! It is a verb! The universe is not an object that you can clearly define, it is a process, permanent moving, transforming itself from a moment to another. And here I am not referring only to the macroscopic universe, but also to the microscopic one, which forms the human being.

So everything from the galactic scale to the quantum scale is in motion, in a continuous process of transformation. And as we know from grammar, assuming of any language, processes and movement are defined by verbs. So the verb is the most important word because the verb defines the creation and life.

So, you and me as human beings in permanent motion should not be characterized by nouns, objects, places, accumulations, such as I am an engineer, I am a doctor, I am Romanian, I am English, I have a car, I have a home, but by verbs, like: I think, I act, I dare, I breathe, I feel, I build, I love, I create! This is actually the essence of the Being: a verb – I am.

Nothing is more reassuring, nothing is more comprehensive, nothing is out of it, nothing is to be added to I am. I am is everything!

But I am is a state almost impossible to understand mentally. To understand this state, you must live it! Then any explanation is superfluous, the understanding being a consequence of living.

What is the simplest thing to do?
To be!
The problem is, it is avoided by almost everyone.

Reality or Illusion

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Well, you see right! Here above is a picture!
Like this looks your reality when you first come into this world as a newborn!
The rest is just programming.

For the one who sees the truth is no way to return. You will be in a permanent search until you reach it. But the way of truth is not an easy way, it involves a titanic work for spirit and intellect. But as I said, once you take a look beyond the curtain of illusion, you can not lie to you anymore that the illusion is a reality. Although you have not yet come to the truth, you are condemned to seek it until you find it.
Choose what you want; red pill or blue pill and read more.

That Speck of Dust!

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NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured this view of planet Earth as a point of light between the icy rings of Saturn on April 12, 2017.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

Do you know this image captured by the Cassini spacecraft in April 2017? It was made near planet Saturn. Do you see that tiny point under the rings of Saturn? Yeah, that bright spot, that speck of dust is Earth. Earth with all that is on it: mountains, plains, oceans, countries, cities, people with their thoughts and dreams and sufferance … all this squeezed on the surface of this speck.
As we can see, at the scale of the universe we are nothing. If not only earth but the whole solar system disappear today, the universe will not notice; the equation of the universe would remain unchanged.
However, we humans feel great, strong, important. Well, we are not!
Or are we … in the Matrix? Then we may have some importance, but not as an individual but as a species!

This cropped, zoomed-in version of the image makes it easier to see Earth’s moon — a smaller, fainter dot to the left of our planet’s bright dot. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

If you make a simple calculation: this image has a resolution of 1020 x 1020 pixels, so it totals approx. 1000000 pixels. By enlarging the picture, you will see the Earth occupying approx. 12 pixels, and the Moon just one pixel. Impressive is the vastness of the universe, isn’t it?


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A Meditation Guide

The Mindfulness is a state of mental plenitude that allows us to recognise options, choose responses, and take control of our lives. It gives us the power to become the person we want to be. It also leads to Insight, Wisdom, and Awakening.
The Mindfulness is defined as: “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique”.
We reach the Mindfulness when the interaction between focused attention and peripheral awareness is optimal.
This book is a fantastic guide that explains and define each step to take for achieving this goal. Easy to follow, easy to understand, easy to apply!
I am really impressed by the quality of the content in this book! An excellent choice for those in search of the inner truth!

I Am

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The only moment we live in is the present moment.
We live only in this very moment that is unique and inevitable. Our mind and our thoughts are wandering all the time in the past or in the future, but we, as consciousness are living only in now and here.

Unfortunately, being always anywhere else but not in here and now, we actually miss to live this present moment which occurs only once in eternity and then disappears forever. And we miss not just this one moment, we miss a lot of them, carrying our lives in a past that exists no more or in an illusory future.

Many people ask themselves: “What is the great truth of life, of our existence?”, expecting maybe for a complicated and elaborate answer. However, the answer is utterly simple!


When Jesus was asked about the way to heaven, he answered:
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
What he actually said was:
“I am” is the way and the truth and the life!
No one comes to the “Source” (Father) except through “I am”.
This is the truth of this universe, and almost everyone misses it!

The Ultimate Experience

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fullsizeoutput_be3-1024x768.jpeg

09. March 2019 – original Text & Drawing by Diana

Last year, at this time I have joined an intensive Hypnosis Course. For two full weeks I have experienced and learned a lot about hypnosis; what is hypnosis, how to induce the state of trance, how to conduct a session and how to achieve results in the state of hypnosis, for yourself or for your client!
(Read more)

A Wonder Inside – The Heart

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05. March 2019 – Text & Photo original by Diana

Did you know that …
The heart beats an average of 4200 times in one hour, 100800 times a day, 3024000 times in a month, 72576000 times in one year and … 5443200000 in 75 years. Five billion and almost a half! In a year the heart pumps 2592000 litres of blood, and in a life of 194400000 litres, the equivalent of about 77 Olympic pools! Can you imagine that? (Read more)

Head or Tail?

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I mean Science or Spirituality?

24. February 2019 – Text & Photo original by Diana

If you would live on the surface of a coin, let’s say the head, you would most probably be aware only of that part of the coin. The same if you live on the tail side. Let’s imagine that someone who lives on the tail side meets on the edge of the coin (the only point where they could meet each other) someone from the other side.

They begin to speak about their worlds. There maybe be some common things, like the gravitational laws or the material their world is made, and perhaps they look quite alike. But there are certainly some things they could not agree about, namely the perspective. And indeed from their different worlds, they see the stuff around differently. They could never agree about what are they seeing.

But imagine yourself keeping this coin with your fingers. You can move it around and see both surfaces of the coin, and you would know they are not two separate or different things, but they both build just one. You can see this, only when you transcend the appearance of this “two” worlds.

Making an analogy, I consider the science and spirituality are the two levels that build our world. I see that clearly! Nowadays are only a few domains where the scientists are speaking the same language with the spiritualists, and this is Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics!

The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California was founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who took part in the Apollo 14 mission. This Institute conducts researches, studies and experiments on the intersection between science and the profound human experience, on topics such as spontaneous remissions, meditation, consciousness, alternative healing practices, consciousness-based healthcare, spirituality, human potential, psychic abilities, telekinesis and consciousness after death.
In their studies, they try to understand how beliefs, thoughts, and intentions affect the physical world. So, it seems that these scientists managed already to transcend the physicality in their research. If you want to know more about noetics:

But of course, there are also many scientists who are criticising these researches and their results. So even if it is a subject of controversy, such an institute opens the path of unification between science and spirituality and the acceptance of a truth: that we are both physical and spiritual bodies.

Many years ago at a conference, a speaker said:

“The one who drinks the glass of science by half becomes an atheist, one who drinks the glass of science to the bottom becomes faithful.”

I would paraphrase that by saying that the one who drank the glass of science to the bottom does not believe, but he knows that there is a force that brought the universe into existence. Someone calls It God, other Creator, other Great Architect or the Universal Energy Field.
The name really doesn’t matter, isn’t it?

Eyes. A Gate To The Soul

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21. February 2019 – Text & Photo original by Diana

We meet each other. We greet each other. Sometimes we talk a lot, sometimes we only change a few words. And I wonder; do we really see, do we really perceive the person in front of us? In a face-to-face conversation with our acquaintances, friends and family, we often avoid looking directly in their eyes. (Read more)

Food or Life

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16. February 2019 – Text & Photo – original by Diana

What do you think; is this food or is this life? You are eating this, and this becomes you. You are what you eat. But you are life! Therefore this should also be life!

It is not necessarily to be a vegetarian, you can eat whatever you want, but still paying attention to the origin, the quality and the way your life-food on the plate was prepared.

Treat everything you eat with awareness, respect and gratitude! This way you will be healthier and more at peace!


Tu ce crezi; este aceasta mâncare sau este viață? Ceea ce mănânci se transformă in tine și astfel devii tu. Tu ești ceea ce mănânci! Iar tu ești viață! Prin urmare și ceea ce mănânci este viață!

Nu este neapărat să fii vegetarian, poți să mănânci orice vrei tu, dar totodată fii atent la originea, de calitatea și modul în care alimentele din farfuria ta sunt pregătite!

Tratează tot ceea ce mănânci cu atenție, respect și reconștiintă! Astfel vei fi mai sănătos și te vei bucura de o viață mai liniștită!

Was denkst du, ist das Essen oder ist das Leben? Du isst das und das wird du. Du bist, was du isst. Und du bist Leben! Deshalb sollte das Essen auch Leben sein!

Es ist nicht unbedingt wichtig ein Vegetarier zu sein. Du kannst essen, was dir gefällt und dir guttut. Trotzdem pass auf die Herkunft, die Qualität und die Zubereitung deines Lebensmittels auf.

Behandle alles, was du isst, mit Bewusstsein, Respekt und Dankbarkeit! Auf diese Weise wirst du gesünder und ausgeglichener!

Adam and Eve

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11. February 2019 – text & photo original by Diana

Another Meaning For An Ancient Myth

The story of creation is an allegory. The Genesis says that God created Adam in his own image and likeness. And because Adam was alone and without help, God created Eve from Adam’s side. Then he set them both in the garden of Eden, commanding, “You can eat all of this garden, but do not touch the tree of good and evil, for then you will die![more]


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03. February 2019 text & photo – original by Diana

In the beginning, I was about to write today about something else! But time has played me a prank! It looks like we sometimes have too much time! Most of the time, however, is too little. Just as it happened to me right now, when I did not have enough time for the story I planned for today, because it is a bit longer and more complicated than I thought. And because we’ve come to this topic, the time …. (read more)

The Beginnings

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It is late in the night, I put my head on the pillow and turned off the light preparing me for sleep … a few moments later I was writing frantically in my notebook, being hit by a sudden wave of inspiration! Usually, I am quite a diurnal creature. During the day I typically feel …. [more]

Creativity flourishes when we are allowed to express our uniqueness for the JOY of it. No competition, just the delight of CREATING.

Gordana Biernat